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The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship


We hear tips all the time about what it takes to start a business or be an entrepreneur. Aside from the necessary logistics like choosing what type of entity, name, logo, and getting a firm understanding of sales, marketing, and automation what else really makes the difference?

MINDSET, yes my favorite topic. You can know and have all the tools in the world but if your MIND is not SET, you are in for a world of struggles. Below you will find a list of 5 things that will help you in business whether you are just starting out or have been at in for a while and could use a business and personal boost.

1. Limiting Beliefs– Be careful of your previous mental programming. Make sure you are rid of any and every belief that holds you back, especially the ones that aren’t true! Never be convinced that you can’t make it because of where you came from, your background or who your family is. Who you are and your story is exactly what will make your journey an amazing one.

2. Habits– We as humans are creatures of habit! With that being said, make sure you eliminate habits that deter you from your goals and develop healthy ones. Without strong positive habits it will be extremely difficult to stay on task and put forth the dedication to create a successful business.

3. Relationship Equity– You have heard it before…”your network is your net worth”. So true! Cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with like minded people and you will go far. None of us can do this alone.

4. Personal Development– I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay on top of your personal and professional development. This could mean books, seminars, programs, podcasts and the list goes on. Whatever you’re preferred method is for receiving the information you need for your personal and professional development just make it happen. You will thank me later!

5. Coaches and Mentors– There is nothing quite like having someone guide you who has been there before. Acquiring a coach or mentor can be the difference between struggling to figure out the steps on your own, and having a proven path laid out for you.  Anyone who has ever done something amazing has had at least one great coach or mentor behind them.

Following these tips will assure you start powerfully or maintain The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship!

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